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Nikolina Kenig, PhD

Nikolina Kenig was born December 19th 1968, in Skopje. She finished BA studies at the Department of Psychology (1992) and MA studies at the University of Notre Dame, USA (International Peace Program) and second MA studies in Social Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in 2002. She defended her PhD thesis “Hofstede model on dimensions of cultures: opportunities for group and individual evaluation” at the Faculty of Philosophy in 2006. She is an employee of the Faculty of Philosophy since 1994 and she has taken participation for more than ten years in scientific and project activities. She was engaged as an instructor in the many lectures and workshops for high school and university students, as well as adults. Professor Nikolina Kenig took participation in many scientific and applicative projects, as head of a project or researcher. She is the sole author or co-author of more than 30 published articles and 1 university handbook din the field of qualitative methodology. Her scientific and vocational engagements are focused in measurements, program evaluation and research in psychology; ethnical and gender identity and conflict management.

 The Faculty of Philosophy - Skopje cherishes the tradition of knowledge...